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Diabetic Eye Care


Diabetic patients should have their eyes examined annually. If they have diabetic eye disease, it may be necessary for them to be seen more frequently.  A diabetic eye exam includes a measurement of the visual acuity and eye pressure, a careful examination of the anterior structures of the eyes and a complete dilated retinal examination.  Diabetes can cause leakage from the small blood vessels in the eyes, leading to retinal hemorrhages and swelling.  In many instances, patients can have significant diabetic eye disease and have no symptoms.  Diabetic eye disease is treated with the argon or diode laser, or with the administration of medications in the form of pills, drops or injections.  This office refers all diabetics requiring laser to a competent local retinal surgeon for treatment.  Proper treatment of diabetic eye disease by a specialist insures the best possible visual results.

The image below shows a normal retina compared to a retina badly damaged by diabetes.


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