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Go Dropless

Dr. Davison now offers Dropless* cataract surgery. We are the first office in the Capital District to offer Dropless* as a surgical option. With Dropless* cataract surgery, the medicine required for the eye to heal properly is placed within the eye at the time of surgery. Since the medication is placed within the eye during the cataract surgery, the patient does not feel any discomfort. However, with placement of the medicine right inside of the eye, we are assured that your eye is getting the proper amount of medication to heal properly. Placing the medicine within your eye eliminates the need to put in topical drops. This means that you will not have to worry about a complicated drop schedule or about the expense of multiple medications prior to and after surgery. Dropless* surgery is offered to you at no cost.

Some patients will not be candidates for Dropless* surgery. These patients include anyone who is allergic to any of the components of Dropless* (including an allergy to ciprofloxacin-like medications), anyone who has had a previous vitrectomy, in any patient where surgery is expected to be complicated and in any patient who has significant ocular damage from glaucoma.

Additionally, patients who are interested in having Dropless* surgery will be asked to use Avenova before and after their surgery. Avenova is a topical antiseptic which is sprayed onto the eyelids, allowed to remain for 1 minute and then gently wiped off. Avenova is an extremely effective bacteriocidal chemical which reduces the bacteria on the surface of the eye prior to surgery. Since Dropless* patients are not taking any topical antibiotic drop, Avenova is an excellent substitute to reduce the bacteria on the eyelid and eye surface. Avenova is very safe and does not irritate the eye, even if it is directly sprayed into the eye. Avenova is a prescription medication but it is provided through our office at a nominal fee of $30 . The package of Avenova that you purchase at our office will last throughout the surgical period for both eyes.

Avenova is also used to treat chronic blepharitis. We have many patients who have benefited from Avenova for this condition. To find out why Avenova is an excellent treatment for blepharitis, click on the Avenova box below.


* At Dr. Davison's discretion, he may have his Dropless patients use a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) eye drop once a day for 2 weeks after surgery. The reason for this is that the Dropless preparation contains a steroid and an antibiotic, but no NSAID. Clinical experience has shown that the addition of an NSAID once a day may significantly reduce the risk for swelling of the central retina (known as cystoid macular edema), which can limit the vision after cataract surgery.

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