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Our Philosophy

Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

When you come in for your appointment, you will be greeted with a smile. Our helpful staff will guide you through the examination process and answer all of your questions. New privacy and insurance regulations require that we have you fill out a number of forms, so please be patient with us. Realize that the examination process can take up to ninety minutes, so please budget your time accordingly. We are a comprehensive vision care practice. That means that we will perform a complete medical eye examination, from determining any need for glasses to a complete, dilated retinal examination. You probably will not have had a more thorough eye examination. However, you won't be herded through the office with scores of other patients like cattle. The doctor will actually sit with you, talk with you and answer any questions. You will realize that both Dr. Davison and Dr. Price care about you and the health of your eyes. There are times where our schedule gets delayed, and sometimes this is unavoidable. Since we handle all types of eye problems, not all of our patients are routine, and sometimes a complicated patient will put us behind. Just remember that if you have a serious problem, you will not be hurried out or rushed through. We will give you all the time you need to appropriately address your problem and answer all your questions. Whether it's a new glasses prescription, or cataract surgery, every problem is dealt with completely and professionally.

At times, we will send a patient to another eye physician for further evaluation and treatment. As a general ophthalmologist, Dr. Davison is trained to diagnose and treat (both medically and surgically) a wide range of eye conditions.  However, occasionally, a patient will have a complicated condition which would be best evaluated and treated by a sub-specialist in that specific field of ophthalmology. In this way, the general ophthalmologist acts as a gate-keeper in the process of evaluating and treating all eye diseases. Similarly, Dr. Price who is a licensed optometrist, will also determine if a problem requires the attention of Dr. Davison or should be directly referred to a sub-specialist. A wide variety of ophthalmic sub-specialists are readily available in the Saratoga region and fortunately, we have an excellent relationships with many of them. These include sub-specialists in the field of corneal disease, retina, glaucoma, eye inflammation, eye plastic surgery, strabismus, and others. Thus it is reassuring to know that if you are found to have a complicated or serious eye problem that we feel requires the attention of a sub-specialist, we have access to a network of eye physicians who are ready to help at a moments notice.

Becoming the leader in ophthalmic care for the Saratoga Region is our goal. If we have done something that has made you unhappy, please tell us. If you are pleased with the quality of care that we dispense, please tell a friend. We always accept new patients.

"Caring for more than just your vision"

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